Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Loves August

Asking me out on a date
Taking me on the date
Working on getting a sitter for the date
Wearing cologne on the date
That moment at dinner on Sunday when both girls were acting totally differently but equally aggravating, and I admitted to you that I had acted like both of them multiple times in my childhood, and apologizing for tripling myself.
Staying true to your are melting away honey.
Bringing me a single sweet.
Being the best camping put everything up and take it all down!
Complimenting me on my fire. It was good.
Taking me on a fabulous 10th Anniversary trip.

Lil Sis
Will you be joining us?
Asking about the MET
The new look you give me when you know you are making trouble. Eyebrows WAY WIDE.
Yelling U-S-A during Phelps' first race
Making cupcakes with you, it was messy but fun.
Whenever someone says in a prayer: "to nourish and strengthen our bodies" you reply:
Talking about Mr. Bean's Holiday and how you were scared of him at first but then thought he was funny.
Trying to make jokes that just don't quite work out.
Asking about Chicago incessantly.
Exploring the forest animals together (woodpecker, chipmunk)
Asking to go to bed while camping
Being so excited about visiting Grammy, and not even being sad that I just threw you in the car at the airport and said goodbye.
"That's not cock-orn, that's Pirates BOOTY!"

Big Sis
Thanks mom, you always know what to say to make me feel better
Being brave and holding the bird
Being excited about passing your swim evaluations
Mom, ever been to Walmart? Save money. Live better. Walmart
The song lyrics that stood out the other day, that you made up on the fly: "I know you don't want me to go, but I'm goin' for a reason 'yo"
Expressing a desire to be a gymnast and a swimmer and a diver in the Olympics someday.
Being my little messenger after church...exchanging keys with dad, delivering things to his office, etc.
Acting out the scene from Mr. Bean's Holiday: O mio Babbino Caro...
Refusing to speak to me for over an hour, signing every word letter by letter instead. AH!
Asking me if I ever feel I am a bad mom...well of course darling, I won't ask you if you ever feel you are a bad kid, because I'm a good bad mom.
My heart just broke in two when you told me an older girl was being a little mean to you.
Planning to chat at 4:30 every day during our trip.


DTA said...

Thanks for sharing your life with us! We love you all!

BECK said...
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Janet said...

Sounded like you had a terrific week on your 10th year celebration. DH was asking me what I wanted. We are going on 9 years in February. Now that you have set the precedent, I have lots of ideas. Yes, and eating at McDonald's is out!

Janet said...

Better clear my last comment up. Was just kidding! DH and I have had almost 9 years of living together and sharing so many good memories. Actually, with all the children gone, we continue to focus on each other. Love him! Seems that JG is a chip off the ole block.