Sunday, August 24, 2008


We experienced a lot of nature while camping, fancy that.

The rocky beach was beautiful, even though it hurt our delicate feet.

Our first morning a little chipmunk greeted Lil Sis and me as we strolled to the bathrooms. It was so quiet, we could hear a woodpecker pecking. I got one chance to get my new lens focused, and this is the best I could do. That woodpecker was fast.

There were an array of mushrooms that we found while collecting firewood and hiking to the beach. Here are two of my faves, simply because of their shape, size and color.

Early in the day the girls had fun lightly touching a worm they found by the playground and watching it wiggle, but that was nothing compared to the 14 baby snakes that a fellow camper brought with him. His nanny's snake had babies, so she begged him to let them into the wild. He obliged, but didn't tell her that they would probably become bird food.

I'm glad the sisters were not afraid, and that actually they loved the snakes. But I say, EW.

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onehm said...

On the father's and son's trip a year ago, my DH came home with a "pet" snake for ds. Seriously, I thought I might kill him...DH that is.

I"m with you- snakes...EW!!!

But your camping posts are making me want to take my little family for an overnight!!