Sunday, August 24, 2008

New York Hearts Beijing

I don't get out much, especially after dark, but Saturday night I went for a walk and noticed the Empire State Building donning the colors of the Olympics.

I headed up to the roof to try to get a shot. Man, it's hard. I had no tripod, no steady hand, no brilliant lighting capabilities. I did the best I could.

I also did the worst I could too:

I didn't see a ton of the Olympics these past two weeks, but my fave highlights:

1. Phelps Medals. I think I saw at least 4 of them, including that ridiculous race that was a photo finish, though I couldn't even see it in the photo.

2. Synchronized Diving. How do they do that?

3. Dressage. Didn't even know what it was. I only lasted about 90 seconds watching it, though the horses were impressive.

4. Synchronized Swimming. Come on now, is that even physically possible? And of course I loved makeup and costumes in sports.

5. Opening Ceremonies. The highlight was the 9-year-old Chinese boy walking with Yao Ming. He saved a group of his classmates after the Earthquake because; "I am the class leader....I had to save them..." (the quote is in my own words)



Michelle Pugh said...

Wow- that is so cool! Thanks for sharing for those of us who aren't in the big apple :)

I look forward to keeping up with your family~ I remember seeing you on Runway Moms and of course my little ones love eebee! Your little girls are gorgeous just like their mama~

Heather said...

Tonight the ESB is gold...I am assuming that is to recognize the US for CLEANING UP all the gold medals!!! Have fun in Chicago.

Kage said...

Heather, I wish that was the reason, but alas:
08/25 Yellow/Yellow/Yellow United States Tennis Association, US Open Opening Night.

If you ever want to know why it is the color it is, just click here