Sunday, August 10, 2008

R. I. P. ~ A Stroller Story

Rest in Peace Little Stroller, Rest in Peace. May your metal be recycled into something some cans to hold Amy's Organic Soup.

It all started in 2002. I bought a Graco travel system. I was very happy walking my tiny little baby around the block with her carseat strapped into the stroller (we're the ones on the left).

Then I moved to New York. The subway and the lifestyle were not conducive with this Graco mess. Since I was on a tight budget, I splurged on a $20- umbrella stroller to get me through the city traveling and subway adventures. Doesn't she look uncomfortable in her little umbrella stroller?

I lasted 1 year with this Graco and then the umbrella versions of two deplorable strollers. I needed to make a change, but I could not afford the Maclaren that I so needed. I had to make a difficult choice. I gathered together the crystal, silver, and china place settings that I had acquired at my wedding in 1998, and had NEVER used. I loaded them together in a giant duffle bag and schlepped them to a pawnshop in Manhattan. I took the money I got from those 6 complete place settings and bought my stroller. Tada!

When Lil Sis was born, we had been so happy with our first maclaren, that we decided to try a second. She seemed to like it, but it just wasn't the same as the original, within just a few months of owning it I had to get a wheel replaced, and it could only been done in far-away Brooklyn.

On our first trip with it, it busted in two during the airplane travel, so we tried other forms of transportation:

We had to say to that second maclaren: GET OUT!

So, it was back to the original. Lil Sis liked it very much. It wasn't until 3 years after purchasing it that I realized the liner could be washed. It was a good day when I unsnapped it and gave it a nice wash. It looked periwinkle again.

This little maclaren stroller has walked miles and miles of New York City pavement, rolled through a variety of grime, dirt and gore, carried bags, purses, 2 kids (big sis figured out how to stand in the basket and hold on), a tired mom sitting in it while she waited to pick up a child and wheel them home, and been that 3rd or 4th wheel in many an adventure. Here is one of the last photos taken of stroller during the Obama Rally:

It was last week at the Bronx Zoo when the back wheel finally gave way. Stroller had been literally worn into the ground. Stroller did not want to let me down, the wheel fell off while under another's care. Basket and Hood did not have the same willpower as Tiny Back Wheel, they gave up the ghost years ago.

On Friday night we said our goodbyes. Sure, I could have replaced the stroller wheels, but Stroller was all done. Finished. And, I am totally ok with that. I am now a mother without a stroller....but I had to keep a momento of Stroller, as my DH delivered her to the recylcing bin.

Stroller Wheel now has a place of honor in our home, to remind us of all the time we have spent strolling the streets of our city. Rest in Peace Stroller. Rest in Peace.


TftCarrie said...

It lived a good life.

HHRose said...

I would be panicking about not having a backup stroller RIGHT NOW. Is Lil Sis completely done?

Chloe said...

I am proud to have been there at the beginning of Stroller's life. You know how I feel about strollers. I understand that this was a sad (yet proud) moment.

R.I.P. you beautiful workaholic stroller :)

mkc said...

This was an awesome post, I love that you kept the wheel.

Anonymous said...

I could just kick myself for not keeping a wheel of our old stroller! great idea! I actually wish I would have kept our stroller because I ended up buying a stroller from a garage sale for my daughter b/c she wanted a "real" one for her "daughter", aka the fave baby doll. I wish she could have pushed her baby in her old stroller. oh well, hind sight is 20/20!

Kage said...

hhrose, yeah, lil sis does not do the stroller anymore I am not buying a new one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy

I was just curious how you managed the 2 little ones. I have a son who will be nearly 3 when my next one arrives.

I have to say that he is a good walker, however does still get tired from time to time. I don't want to be in the situation where I'm trying to push the pushchair and carry him as well! I'm considering getting a second hand double buggy??

How old was your oldest when the youngest arrived?

Any advice would be most welcome. I've recently and suddenly lost my husband so am aware how difficult things are going to be anyway.

Kage said...

anon, wow. so sorry to hear about your husband. You CAN DO THIS!

I would love to answer your question, but I need to know if you are doing city life vs. suburban life.

My girls are 3 years apart.

If it's city life and public trans. I suggest using the baby bjorn as long as possible, and boy in the stroller, small diaper bag (perhaps a backpack). This is your workout for the day. If you have a small sturdy stroller, much like the maclaren, you will be able to lift it, with boy in it and baby in the bjorn. I also believe in the kindness of the human race. Ask, and people will help you.

If you are in the suburbs with a car or are walking a lot, go for the double. I used a few of my friends from time to time, and they are nice....

best can totally get through this!