Monday, August 11, 2008

Saturday Service Project

We gathered together to make Hygiene Kits in the park this weekend. I was in charge of distributing one toothpaste per kit.

All of the donations were organized on some long tables, and those in attendance went through the line with a gallon-size plastic bag and gathered the items inside the kits.

Big Sis loved this. She went through the line about 5 times. She was one of only a few children who wanted to participate.

Lil Sis helped put together one kit, and then she went and got dirty...from the tips of her toes to her face, she had dirt EVERYWHERE.

Dad helped the girls, while I distributed toothpaste and saw to it that all paper waste was organized to be recycled.

Then Jason helped me gather the mixed paper. We took home two of these, PACKED with paper. My little contribution to reduce garbage last weekend.

Thanks Honey.


Lisa said...

I can totally picture Big Sis getting into this project. What a cutie!

Jason said...

Is it just me or does my head look abnormally large?

Kage said...

Hon, your head HAS been looking abnormally large lately in pix, because your body is wasting away...when you lose 20 pounds, sometimes, you get a big head darling.

Heather said...

You are a green machine!

nymanzanita said...

It sounds like it was a success! Was it held at Flushing Meadows? I love how you were ready to recycle....I am sure you were the ONLY one there that would have even though of it....arent I mean? I shouldnt be so critical but my ward definitly doesnt try to be to "green" on outings, etc. Good job!