Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silent Auction for Nie Nie

I read a bunch of blogs. There seems to be a common theme among many that I read lately, and specifically today. The short story is that a fellow blogger and her husband were in a private plane crash this week and are struggling to survive in the hospital. I believe the flight instructor passed away. They have 4 children. There is tons more out there to read and learn, one source is here.

I know Nie-Nie as that lady with the awesome wall in her kitchen (seen here in this photo taken from the Cookie Mag. website). I want to cover this little tiny hallway arch I have, to look just like that. Even my DH's cousin knows Nie-Nie.

There are about a bajillion blog auctions happening today with proceeds going towards the Nie Nie Recovery Fund. I have humbly offered up a teeny tiny Christmas CD. The mormon mommy wars blog is handling the auction. I am just plugging it here...if you have been meaning to purchase it, go get it now, and maybe it will be really cheap (or really expensive....).

If Nie-Nie's story has struck a chord with you, there are a few more websites you should visit today:

My blog friend Rachel H from Ohio, who I have actually dined with in NYC (Rachel, should I have called that dining or diving?), is putting all proceeds from any of her etsy shop purchases toward the Nie-Nie fund.

My friend Marian, who designed all the graphics for my album has got some mad graphic design skeelz, and she is auctioning off her banner services on her blog.

My krazy Queens ko-hort kristie, is participating in the same auction I am, and donating her handmade cards.

My Spongy Chloe friend, who is closing down her business, is donating some of her last fine spongy pieces at this auction.

And my BFF is donating her this is me journal and a handmade dress as well.

Picture a Christmas Album Auction:

To listen to it, click here.

To bid on it, click here. The bidding has already started, at posting it was at $20-...I guess it won't be too cheap...sorry!


wendysue said...

Readers can also visit for a list of over 165 auctions going on today! Wow!

Anonymous said...

hey there! i am just curious about how those pictures are on the wall. are they randomly hung up one by one or are they all somehow stuck together like a mural and hung as one? i would love to do that in my house. so sorry to hear about that family. i will definitely check out the auctions.

Kage said...

christy, I know...if I knew, I probably would have done it already...maybe there is a how-to on her site.

Ashley said...

I think it's so crazy how small the world is. One of my friends who I met through online is good friends with Nie's sister Courtney. Many many prayers for their family that both of them continue to get better.