Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today's Adventure: Alice's Tea Cup

Today I did not have to work! I decided to take the girls to Alice's Tea Cup. I have passed this establishment several times, and I finally got a chance to go. I chose the Upper East Side location because I thought it was easier to get to, but I chose the wrong route, and then made a mistake trying to fix it, so we got in a cab and drove until there was an oil-truck gridlock. Then we got out and walked and almost missed the street because we were busy talking. However, we did FINALLY make it!

The Sisters and our friend were immediately greeted with this question: Would you like to wear fairy wings during your lunch?

Well, of course.

Then she told the kids to make a secret wish, and as they made it silently in their minds, she sprinkled them with gold dust.

The food was a little pricey, but it was really fantastic food. Big Sis ate all her chicken fingers, which she never does at any restaurant that we order them. Lil Sis ate her entire sandwich. I LOVED my warm lentil salad, it was delicious and the scones were warm, buttery and so delicious. The girls were served with a tea service...little tiered plates.

A few minutes into our tea, the Travel Channel appeared and took quite a lot of video of us, drinking from our tea cups, eating our delicious lunches, and enjoying our Alice's experience.

After tea, and a quick trip to a local Pet store, the girls got to go into the booth and listen to me record some lines to potentially dub over my Visine commercial. The girls acted out the commercial for me, so that I could be motivated in my corresponding lines.

On the way home we heard some drums and whistles, and investigated. We found some Brasilians putting on quite a show.

For their good behavior, we went to get some cupcakes, and ended up meeting up with our friends from Alice's. It was quite unexpected and funny.

We ended our day taking some photos of a friend's baby. She is so cute, and it was fun to get to spend a few minutes photographing her:


Kristie said...

we had a fun day too. thanks!! i love that the girls are posing and ronin is guarding his cupcakes. oh, the cupcakes!
is that baby O? oh no, another O!?!?

knittingirl said...

What a perfect day for you and your girls...
Off topic - your skin looks amazing as always - what MAC products do you use to look that great?


beth said...

I heart Alice's... I'm glad you went.

Kage said...

beth, oh yeah I forgot to mention in the post. THE PUMPKIN SCONES! STOP IT....I had one yesterday and craved another one all day. I didn't get it with the glaze though....do you like it with the glaze?

Kage said...

knitting girl, As for MAC, I use all their products...I like their concealer and moistureblend foundation applied with a brush. I use a combination of three colors of blush (sometimes 4 if I want a shadow under the bone) too. Here are a few beauty posts I have written that you might like reading:

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5-Minute Makeup

Kage said...

Oh, and here's my Friends Post on our adventure...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Glass Posse! I am one of the owner's of Alice's Tea Cup and I thank you so much for writing about us. We are just now comiling cusomter feedback and stuffs for our cookbook (yeah!) and I wondered if I could get your ok on possibly using this blog??


Haley Fox