Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where we used to work...

Part of our walk down memory lane has been to visit where we used to work.

Here is Big J in front of the Amoco Building:

And here he is in front of Stone Container Building:

My first city job was at the Chicago Theatre:

And during the weekends while I was in college, I worked here at the first American Girl Place. I stopped in and saw 3 ladies there that I worked with 10 years ago! Astounding! I never expected to see anyone STILL working there.

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Evie Parks said...

Isn't Chicago great? We loved it there. Back before we moved to NYC and soon after we got married, my husband had a two year tour there with his firm. We love reminiscing about our first glimpse of city life...we had a cute little loft on the north side of town right near where I taught kindergarten. I always thought it was such a great mix of a city- the people are so friendly and the area is so beautiful but it still has that vibrant, diverse buzz that every big city has.
Congrats to you and your hubby on 10 years!