Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yes, it is THAT windy, and that Monarch is THAT strong. If some alien life form came here to Chicago this week, having no previous knowledge of Chicago and it's typical weather patterns, it would settle right down here. I keep wondering where all the people are, why aren't there hoards more people who live here and populate these wide streets? It is such a clean, beautiful city with great weather! But then I pass by the sign that says: NO PARKING WHEN THERE ARE 2 INCHES OF SNOW or NO SWIMMING, STAY AWAY FROM THE ICE, and I remember that feeling of my snot freezing when I left for school in the morning. Guess what? The weather we are having here is a rare and beautiful gift.

Day 2 of our Chicago adventure involved walking and eating. We started at Ann Sather on Belmont and Jason had some Rachael Ray-recommended french toast fantasy, and I of COURSE had cinnamon rolls. SO good.

We passed by the restaurant where we had our first date! The Red Tomato. It is long out of business, but the tomato mosaic is still safe and sound.

Randomness Alert, Hair Fairies! A service to get rid of your kid's lice. Do I want to move into a neighborhood where a store makes all it's profits on the head lice epidemic? hmmmm......

Then it was time to take a little tour of my alma mater. DePaul University. It was a brief 3 years, but I do feel I am a bit smarter by you, so thanks!

We stopped by Cortelyou Commons for a little pic. This is where we had our wedding reception.

After about 4 hours of walking around the North Side, we had an early dinner at another of our old favorite restaurants: Stanley's. I had a small mac n cheese and a side salad, because I was still pretty full from my breakfast, we didn't even have lunch today!

Once we got back to our hotel we were so tired that we just tucked into another night of the DNC and finished watching Dr. Horribles Sing-along blog, while we polished off some Potbelly's delicacies: Oreo Malt, Choclate Shake, Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookie.........oh, our arteries!


knittingirl said...

Happy anniversary and congrats on ten years!!

Chloe said...

Oh, it just all sound so perfect. I'm so happy for you guys. And I hear you about the weather. I couldn't stop talking to people about how beautiful it was there and was consistently met with stares and explanations of "just wait, you'll see"...So glad that you're experiencing the beauty.

HHRose said...

Oh, my. That's quite a bit of nostalgia! Good old DPU...So glad you are having a nice vaca together.:o)