Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 Years Ago...

2 Years ago around this week we were getting home from a weekend trip to Boston with our friends. I haven't been back since! I think I need to plan a little getaway to one of my favorite Eastern Cities.

Mostly I was drawn to these pix, not because I miss Boston, but because I miss my babies. The girls are getting so big so fast. Look at this little musha-musha. This is right before the 2-years of terrible-2's started:

Lil Sis is starting to look a lot like Big Sis now. She is already wearing those clothes, because she is growing at a much faster rate than Big Sis.

That Rooster nightgown, I just loved that piece...for my Chicken Little.


Anonymous said...

all adorable pics! lovin the rooster nightgown! where did you find that?

Linz said...

We love the rooster nightgown. We had V wear it as long as possible and we have already put D in it. We're hoping she can get a full year's use out of it. We love it!