Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Before and After 6000 crunches

I hit my 6000 crunches today. My stomach is a little more taught, but everything else seems to be going somewhere in a handbasket.

I have struggled with 5 pounds since Lil Sis was born, and the HB08 has not helped the situation. The working out though has gotten rid of my hip pain, uncontrollable emotions due to the meds and made me feel stronger, even when I can't hold a door open (meds again).

So, my DH and I challenged each other. I would do more crunches and he would lose weight. I have done a bunch of crunches, and he has lost a bunch of weight. I would say these pix don't do him complete justice, but you can see a little...a side view of the belly would have been better, he's lost that and some face mass as well. Frankly, he's hot:

Feb. 2008: These jeans looked good but didn't feel good:

Sept. 2008: The jeans still look good and feel even better, and here he is modeling a slim fit shirt from Banana Republic:

Since losing weight, it is now confirmed that the girls inherited their booty from mom, darn.


Rae said...

My, what cute booties you all have!

bspeck said...

Those pictures are a hoot! We'll definitely let you know when we make it up to NYC. We can all hit the new playground together.

Lisa said...

Looking good, Big J

delilas said...

I'm back to encourage you to continue to do those crunches, 6000 keep going. Your DH looks great, how did he do it?

Is there a chance that you will be doing another concert in DC this Holiday Season?

Beth said...

Yes! Do a concert in DC... I will be there for at least two weeks around the holidays.

Kage said...

delilas, beth, I guess I could be convinced, but right now it is not in the plans....got a venue?