Sunday, September 21, 2008


This past weekend we had our 3rd annual cake auction at church to benefit the teenage girls camping trip next summer. We usually end up shelling out big bucks for a few reasons: We Love Cake, our daughters are paddle-happy, and it's a great cause.

This year there was a little twist to cake auction night, a competition as well. As a result, I gotta admit, the cakes were stepped up a notch. Check out these beauties:

Of course Big Sis now has plans for us to MAKE a cake for next year, but I emphasized that we are the bidders, not the bakers!

See the girls in action! They REALLY got it this year. They scoped out the cakes ahead of time, decided which one they would go for and we just let them bid away. We ended up buying three cakes, mine was the most expensive at $38- And it was's the cookies and cream cake seen in the contact sheet above.

The ipod cake was made by Big Sis' primary class teacher. As we ate it, she kept making jokes about losing her music with each bite, but that was ok because all the tunes were stored in her head.

Lil Sis' purse cake was made by our babysitter. She made sure it was made with no trans fat and egg whites. I guess she noticed I have "healthy" snacks around the house.

I am sure it is no surprise that after cake for breakfast on Sat.(I made banana choc. chip cake on Friday night), pirate cake midday, and my oreo cake (plus tastes of a few other cakes) by night, I had a belly ache by last night. And I could not sleep. I was high on sugar.

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onehm said...

SUCH FUN! This is a great idea!
And those cakes are amazing!!