Saturday, September 27, 2008


I made that word up.

I have been so on edge since the whole you-could-possibly-fall-down-in-between-that-tiny-crack-between-the-platform-and-subway-train-and-not-only-get-seriously-injured-but-also-get-your-purse-and-children-stolen possibility.

That has been complicated by the whole back-to-school situation. We travel during rush hour, we have a backpack, violin, 2 kids, hub-bub. So, when I do not need a bunch of stuff (say for a casting or something), I think the smartest idea is to start carrying my valuables in a fanny pack.

Well, it's more like a side-hip pack. The designer calls it a Hipshack. And it fits just what I need...keys, phone, id. And I can hide it under my puffy winter coat soon. I think it's going to be smashing. I already tried it out today. It's way easy.

Now I have a bracelet and a hippy pack and I have been seizure-free for over 6 it's going good.


Quinn said...


I just found your blog by accident. I was looking for something totally unrelated. It kindof startled me when I realized that this was your blog. Anyway, I hope all is well.

Quinn Peterson

Anonymous said...

i love these! i think i might have to have one! thanks for always sharing your great finds...