Monday, September 15, 2008

Flashback Hair

Big Sis' hair is driving me crazy. I tried so hard to combat chlorine from the pool this summer, diligently washing it right after we were in the pool each time, and not letting her swim more than twice a week in the pool, but alas....her hair is fried.

I have also noticed that as my brown hair is being replaced by white, her blond hair is being replaced by brown. Her journey to brown hair has begun. She's growing up. I'm getting old.

Between the tangly chlorine-blond and the gradual transition to brown, her hair is making me nuts!

It made me start to wonder about my own hair at that age. I found a few pix that are extremely poor quality because I don't feel like turning on my scanner right now. I just held them up and snapped the pic with photobooth.

Here is me in 1st grade, I have the curlyish hair and bangs with a pink bow. My best friend is looking off to the side, wearing glasses. Her name is Kim. Apparently, this got torn somewhere along it's journey from 1985 until now. I think my hair looks quite brown in this photo, but given the quality and the possible bad lighting equipment of the 80's, maybe it was blonder in person...

This photo is in kindergarten. Nice jacked-up teeth....nothing's changed! My hair looks like I feel Big Sis' looks right now...just that tangly, stringy chlorine mess. I am surprised at how much it changed from this picture to the 1st grade one, as far as hair color goes. For the first time, I see some Lil Sis in me...I guess as she's getting older she is starting to resemble me a little more.

And here's my beautiful Big Sis.

I am going to predict that her teeth will have a better future, given that she doesn't have fake ones like her Mom did at this age. I am also going to predict that her blonde hair will stay longer than mine did. I hope so, it's so pretty.


Catherine said...

Kristy I think D looks EXACLY like you in your 1st grade picture!!! Crazy how genes work!
Have you ever tried Kiehls heat protective silk straightening cream in her hair?
when my P's hair looks like a dried birds' nest, I rub a small amount through her hair and really restores the shine........and tell me about greys coming in! I am 36, and since August I cannot keep up w/ the plucking! I am dying my head this week!
catherine in Orlando

Elizabeth S said...

She does look exactly like you in that picture!! crazy!!

Linz said...

I felt Big Sis looked totally like you in the kindergarten pic, but once you mentioned it, I do see Little Sis too.

Laura said...

You and BIG sis look like twins to me. I do see little sis in there too but its a startling resemblance between you and big sis. WOW!

Heather said...

What a fun post. I love seeing pictures of people when they were in grade school. You and BIG sis look an awful lot alike!