Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gradually Going Green: AH! So MUCH PLASTIC!

A few weeks ago, while I was camping. I sat in my little reusable camping chair (ok, I don't know of any disposable camping chair), watching some fellow-campers unload plastic bag, after plastic bag, filled with plastic stuff....Clearly they were having a party.

I was sitting there with some both virtual and online friends of mine, and I had to comment on all those bags! And then I had to take a photo.

And just the other day, I was driving (yes, I'm a driver) down the street and at a stoplight, I glanced over at the busstop and could not believe what I saw.

Look at ALL those plastic bags! All those ladies lugged their heavy metal shopping carts on the bus to get their groceries, think how easy it would have been to toss in some reusable bags!

I carry my little digital with me everywhere now, JUST for moments like this. And I even got the photo taken before the light turned green!

Though I hate all those plastic bags, I do love these photos because they are SO my borough!


wendysue said...

That IS so much plastic!! I've been starting to notice more and more too. . .thanks to you. I love my method reusable bag, and use it and my others all the time. And I especially love my new recycling program (pick up), recyclebank. I even get rewards for the amount I recycle! Imagine that helping the planet and getting discounts!!

p.s. I haven't been in NYC enough to remember. . .HOW do they get those HUGE shopping carts into the bus???

Kage said...

wendysue, that is actually why I found myself staring, I had no idea how that was going to work, all those groceries and carts on the bus. I don't know if they take them out and fold up the cart or what....b/c we could NEVER have a stroller on the bus unfolded, who knows. I should have pulled over and watched.

DTA said...

I am feeling greener.

Love to the Posse