Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gradually Going Green: From the Inbox

I think I have done a pretty decent job getting the word out on Going Green. I get emails from fellow greenies, and I wanted to spread some of their news here today.

Born in September is an organization on a mission: To bring clean water who those who have none. Watch the trailer, it's really cool. And if you have a September Birthday, consider a fundraiser!

One Bag at a Time has some great bags to check out if you haven't switched over to BYOB yet!

Recycle your Shoes!

I need to get over to 86th and 2nd Ave to see this wall!

Bon Ami Soap was introduced to's an excerpt from the email:
"So today I went searching for BonAmi to see if any stores still
carry it. I remember using it when I was young in a cake or bar
form. The second store I checked had a nice supply of cans of it. It
cost $1.09 and to my surprise it is very earth friendly and always
was. It is celebrating 120 years. I checked their website and there
is a huge list of ways to use it to clean things throughout our homes
(and garages) and so I have tried it on a couple of other trouble
spots. I love that there is no grainy residue. It rinses easily."

Wouldn't it be great to get rid of our 15 bottles of toilet, bathtub, sink, oven, counter blah blah blah cleaners and cut it down to just a few essentials?

Thanks readers for sharing!!! Go Green!

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kj said...

Bon Ami is a great cleanser and very inexpensive. I've used it all summer and am impressed. I had discovered that website and was amazed.