Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hair Adventures

I have been considering a hair change. A few factors have led to this decision:

1. I have made about 2% of previous years earnings in print work.

2. The long hair takes longer to do.

3. I think I look better with short hair.

4. My husband likes my hair short, better.

So, I pretty much decided this change will occur towards the end of the year, and I will get my photos redone in early 2009. Just as I am considering this change, my friend shared a new discovery- TAAZ.

Here is Big Sis trying on some new do's:

Here is Lil Sis with some new do's, even though I gave her a wedge haircut...well, actually, I am STILL giving her a wedge haircut, I fix a little bit more each day. It was my first try.

Here is the closest one to what I currently have:

Here is the hair that I had on my Picture a Christmas Album cover:

Here is a new possibility, might be a good transition cut, unless I end up shorter:

This looks a bit greasy, but I am sort of leaning towards a shorter cut to start:

The girls and I decided this was the mom on Zach and Cody's haircut:

And then, this was me pressing random buttons while talking to my DH on the phone tonight:



Kristie said...

i definitely like the transition cut. or the short cut you you had before you grew it out.
psycho grey witch look is good too, but maybe when you get older ; )

marian said...

I am always in support of blue eyelashes.

oh, and I agree with kristie's picks.

A-me said...

Started growing my hair out a couple months ago and the hubby is already asking me to cut it! I think I might be with him on this. I miss the sass.

I like the transition cut, but with the length looks like it will still take a bit of time in the mornings. I really dug your short hair.

Oh and the hubby and I saw a newer (i guess) Listerine commercial and we came to the conclusion VERY quickly that they must have wanted your twin for the job. Have you seen it?

nowlze said...

the transition cut! i like!

Catherine said...

my fav, fav, fav was your short hair when I first saw you on Runway Moms.......I think short hair shows off your pretty face more!!

catherine in orlando!

Elizabeth S said...

The Runway Moms cut is definitely my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

kristie-the way your hair looked in runway moms is my fave! even though your hair looks good now, its always sad to see a pretty face covered up with bangs. the fact that your husband likes it shourt is even better. i wish my husband liked mine short! i keep mine long mainly for him. you look great anyway of course1

Anonymous said...

boy, you can tell i didnt proof read!

Helen said...

You could return to the day of the spikes! I like the transition look, but I also like your longer locks. But you should really repost them with your beautiful smile!

Kage said...

helen, I would have done a better photo of me but that was the only one I had with my hair pulled back and face straight on....thanks for all the input!

Chloe said...

I am always in favor of your hair short - you have such a beautiful face and short cuts suit you better.

Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Laura said...

Few people really pull off short hair well. You are absolutely one of them. You would look fab in any hair cut but the hair cut from Runway moms is also my favorite!

Helen said...

Kage, Tasha Antoniak was flipping through a magazine at a hair salon in Utah and saw a stock photo of you - with short hair! Is this a sign?

Anonymous said...

After I saw you on RUNWAY MOMS,I decided to donate 12 inches of my hair to Locks of Love and get the similar haircut.
I never regreted it.

Short hair definitely brings out your beautiful face.