Monday, September 08, 2008

I smell someFing

After 2 years of terrible twos (it started around 18 months, and she is approaching 3 1/2 years old), Lil Sis is becoming more consistently lovely.

While I was shopping for school supplies last week I came across an old favorite. There was one package left, and I snatched it up. Mr. Sketch Markers! My sister and I used to spend a lot of time with these markers. I think we smelled more than we drew. It was a multi-sensory experience.

One afternoon last week while Big Sis was at school, I introduced Lil Sis to the pleasure of these markers. See, she is a smeller. At least every day she says: "I smell somFing." A few times recently when she has accompanied me to the public restroom, I have done my business in fear for what she will loudly say: "I smell you..." or worse. Yesterday I was reading her a story and she said: "I smell your breath." And I asked: "Well, how does it smell?" And her answer: "NOT good."

I digress.

I gave her the markers, we each took one and then I mirrored her every mark.

I think our piece of work turned out pretty good. And she only got a little bit of dark blue up her left nostril...that's the danger of smelly markers...


marian said...

And this is why you're a good mommy.

I still had my pack of Mr. Sketch markers from 7th grade - don't ask me how they've survived this long. Anyway, Max discovered them and absolutely loved them, including the little styrofoam tray they fit into (where I had colored each slot the appropriate color). They've now been over-loved and are destined for the trash, but it was worth it!

Lisa said...

These markers are perfect for her!

Beth said...

Wow, she is looking very grown up these days. More kid, less baby fat I guess. Too cute. I want those markers.

Maggie May said...

what a chummy grin! i really love the look of your blog, the NY skyline, the beautiful photos of your family.

three was THE hardest age for me with my first, outside of this year, which was fourteen!