Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Med Bracelet

I have been working on getting my new medical id bracelet for quite a while. My BFF recommended her friend for the job, since id bracelets are ugly. Coincidentally, she is also tight with my aunt.

We have been emailing back and forth for some weeks now, and really I think this would have been done forever ago, if our computers were not apparently allergic to each other. We consistently lose emails, so we have gotten into the habit of following up with a phone call.

I'm told designer Kelly is a perfectionist, and I am glad because it is now, just right.

Here is a pic that she snapped of the bracelet:

I don't have it in hand (on wrist?) yet but I am OH SO anxious. I really want it before my next trip, because as I have taken about 5 or 6 trips since HB08, I always wish I had it on me. The red alert charm has allergies listed on the back of it, and the rectangle tag has the epilepsy info on it.

The other option was to have the charms attached to 3 bangles, and although very cute, I didn't feel it was quite as functional as the charm bracelet option. So, kudos to Kelly! Go buy some jewelry from her etsy shop.


Corinne said...

Thanks for passing on her site, I really like what she's making. It's got me scheming... :)

i'm kelly said...

thanks for spreading the love! i'm so glad you liked it, i kinda want something similar for myself now!