Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Loves September

Being totally cool about me heading out to the Adirondacks.
Laying out all the lunch stuff for me so that I wouldn't be totally clueless after 5 hours of sleep, the morning I got back and you had to fly out.
Teasing me that you bought me an XXL BYU hooded sweatshirt. HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Setting a good example with your scripture reading.
Giving me all the financial news.
Whispering to me about Lil Sis, who has recently emerged from her two years worth of TERRIBLE twos, "I'm starting to really love her (again)." Yeah, me too...finally! We've always loved her, she's just been a CHALLENGE...
Texting me about how that song I put as the backdrop for our trip slideshow reminds you of us when you hear it.
Taking me to pop burger. those onion rings....the best I have ever had in my entire life.
Knowing the house is not going to be at it's best when you get home on Sunday afternoons, and being ok with it.

Big Sis:
Practicing so well on your own when I was gone.
Helping with Lil Sis so that I could sleep in until 8:20 on Saturday! Holla!
Singing "Popcorn Popping" over and over again for our baby friend at the restaurant.
Dancing during your violin lesson. Your teacher asked you to dance while he played your Minuet, and you did so without abandon.
Being so happy to see Lil Sis on the subway ride home...giggling so much.
Writing on your back-to-school night poster that your favorite book was one we didn't even own. We bought it for you that night and you read it for us the next morning, with voices. Hilarious. Go check it out.
Dressing up as your own unique pirate for the pirate-themed birthday party.
Your "I get no respect! No respect" monologue on Sunday after watching your sister for an hour, while I was dead to the world on the couch.
Discussing your many many goals, including writing music, learning to play the electric guitar and becoming a "superstar".
Watching you dance at your new jazz class.
After explaining to me why she had two days off of school (Rosh Hashanah), and explaining to me about what that is: "it's not Chinese new year, it's like another new year...and there is a parade." She then asked: "Amn't I smart?"

Lil Sis:
Doing a "show" with you on the subway...looking at our reflections, putting in the DVD, pressing the buttons and saying the lines: "I'm Lil Sis and that's Big Sis (I played Big Sis), and we're....SISTERS!" All your idea btw.
Obeying so well lately, and continuing to be quite hilarious.
Letting me try a wedge cut on you...and being patient while I keep trying to fix it, make it better.
Feeling that finger in my nose as my alarm clock on Sunday morning, as opposed to the usual tiny kiss on the cheek.
You in your first class I have ever signed you up for. You were dancing to the beat of your own drummer...which caused me a little anxiety but a great deal of mama pride too...you go be your own girl, girl!
Making me laugh all the time now.
Telling you to go tell your sister to "Get your butt in here and practice!" And instead, you said: "Big Sis, you need to come and practice your violin." all nice and stuff.
Using the word doohz instead of does.
"Mommy" , you scream it, jump up and run to me with the biggest hug, after I stumble in the door at 6:55 am after my workout.
Looking desperately for pictures in your scriptures. Finally you found one: "Jesus!" "Wow...he's handsome".


marian said...

I simply love "Amn't I smart?"

Kage said...

marian, I just realized I attributed that to the wrong kid. Do you love it as much knowing it came from a 6-year-old who should probably know to say: "Am I smart?" or "Aren't I smart?" Does aren't even work? ok, now you can be concerned because the mom doesn't even know! I DO know that Amn't is NOT correct.

: )

Linz said...

Sounds like your perseverance through the terrible twos was well worth it. Wish I could spend time with those girls.

HHRose said...

And my personal favorite, "Tableclock."

Heather said...

I say it every month, but these are my favorite posts to read.

beth said...

I just had a conversation with my friend about that Pigeon book today at the library. Good one. Love Mo Willems. I love that lil sis thinks Jesus is handsome.

beth said...

PS - Do you have Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems??? I feel like every New Yorker should have this book. The best pictures.