Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pirates Ahoy!

This weekend we attended our friend's 4th birthday party in the park. It was a pirate-themed party. Big Sis got really into it, and dressed up. She felt especially proud of the accessory detail she put into her costume.

She was the oldest child at the party, and the only one who came in costume. She asked me before we left: "What if I'm the only one dressed up?" (that happened to her once at a Pioneer-themed activity at church, and we had to do a last-minute adjustment to her outfit because she was way embarrassed). I said to her: "You look fabulous. You've got to own it."

And she did.

My friend made this treasure chest cake for her son, so well done.

Lil Sis got all wet in the sprinklers at the park (STILL on? It was down right chilly today), but she was a trooper despite her soaked clothes and locks.

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon after our morning dentist appointments!


bspeck said...

What deja vu! That was the very same cake at the pirate birthday party we attended! Big sis looks FANTASTIC.

Kristie said...


yup. i totally cased that cake from the internet. NO original ideas here

mom of pirate boy-

kj said...

When Taylor was in 3rd grade he had the option of dressing up or not to a particular theme. Boy did he learn a fun lesson that day. Those who dress up are the ones who have the most fun. Then again at the end of 6th grade they had nerd day. Yes, he was dressing up and all who did were the envy of others. Taylor happened to win the best nerd of the whole 6th grade. Good goin' big sis, go for the details, your outfit was fabulous. (It's what we call the "Grandpa Howdy" in us that make us want to dress up and enjoy the occasion) He even did it just for fun while in college and had crazy fun.

Jed Eastman said...

Lil sis looks like she walked the plank with her wet hair!

Kage said...

jed (heather?), Lil Sis walked the plank figuratively several times that day...!