Monday, September 08, 2008

Road Trip: Lil K ~ Big K

In case you missed this post and the ensuing comments, specifically these:

" Kristie said...
hmmm. little k is wondering when this is and if big K needs ride and a companion for the whole time. (will get own accommodations of course.) little k is a good driver and also great conversation during long drives. little k thinks this may work. little k need to talk to big k.

8:26 AM
Chloe said...
I think that little K and big K should tag team this together. The mountains will be good for both of you. In the words of Tim Gunn, make it work!",

then you don't recognize the above photo.

It's Lake Placid people. And little k (that's her) and big K (apparently that's me, thanks a lot little k) have arrived.

We're staying in a beautiful hotel that overlooks the beautiful lake. The air just smells so good and clean up here. I drove the whole way, and the 5+ hours felt like nothing. Little K is right, she IS good at conversation, though I felt I talked a lot, so maybe that makes her a good listener. We didn't get lost at all, only ALMOST missed our last exit, again, because of the talking.

It is chilly up here. We had to wear long pants, hoodies and scarves tonight, but that did NOT deter us from getting ice cream. Mine was yellowcake mixed with sponge cake and frosting. MMmmmmm....

Little K has a posse in tow (don't tell my posse, they don't know!), and one of them did not believe me when I pointed to the first quarter moon in the sky. I called a waxing something-or-other, thank goodness google set me straight. He told me a moon could be nothing but a circle.

All the parking meters have potted flowers hanging from them. So quaint.

All of Main Street is really nice, here are a few of my favorites.

So, after all the drama of last week (I auditioned for about 4 jobs shooting tomorrow, and was put on hold for 3,) everything has worked out. Even at the last minute all my babysitters aligned and we arrived here safely today! Now it's time to wrangle those kids bright and early tomorrow morning.


Chloe said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you made it! Nice work big and little K :)

kj said...

Thrilled k would go along. The place looks charming!
Getaways do a mind, body and soul so much good. Keep on having fun!

Rachel H said...

That looks like a really sweet escape....I could really use THAT right now. Kid free, please!

Melissa said...

I think even though you are working/wrangling that beautiful place can be called an escape. beautiful.
wish I had a K in my name and that I lived near you so i could offer my driving services. looks heavenly.

D said...

Sweet. Way to make it happen.