Friday, September 12, 2008

That's a wrap

Every wrangler's dream words: "That's a wrap."

On Tuesday morning it was raining so much that we heard those words at 10 AM. Just when I got back to my hotel and settled in to check all my internet places, we were called back to the set. I was so glad, because Wednesday was a very long day, the children were spent, and I can't imagine having to get all of our Tuesday afternoon stuff fit in to Wednesday as well.

We shot at Camp Topridge. The link tells about some of the history of the camp. I guess back in the 30's, country homes/vacation homes/second homes, as we call them today, were instead called Camps. Many of the camps up in Lake Placid are like Compounds. Topridge is no different. It is on about a gajillion acres of land and has dozens of buildings/cabins. It is like the Disneyland of Forests/Vegetation.

There are bridges, creeks, boathouses, sculptures, birdhouses, playgrounds, campsites, a funicular, canons, hammocks, tennis courts, volleyball field, and the list goes on and on. I was not allowed to take pictures, but of course I was dying to. It was a kid's nature paradise. And it's totally secluded and highly secure.

My favorite moment of the entire chaotic shoot was when I went into hair and makeup and a mom was breastfeeding her 20ish-month-old model baby, while the baby was getting her hair blown dry. I thought that looked like it might be a little hot on those tender areas...

Here are a few more pix that I took with my little point and shoot:

And here is one of my traveling cohorts:

His mom is little k, and you can read about THEIR Lake Placid experience in little k's post.

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Kristie said...

that shot of R is hilarious.