Thursday, September 04, 2008

Third Person Thursday

August passed and she wondered where the Ralph Lauren peops shot their kids ad campaign. She was not contacted to work, so she figured she was passed over for the job.

She was telling a friend on Tuesday how she usually went on 1 or 2 work trips a year, and how she liked the little break it gave her. She thought maybe this year she wouldn't get that chance.

Then in her inbox Wednesday morning, she was offered 4 days in the Adirondack Mountains with Ralph Lauren.

Oh she wanted to say YES so bad. She looked at her calender. She looked up Adirondacks. Oh man, those mountains are far away! She emailed back and forth with the booker trying to figure out the logistics of how it would work.

Her husband has to leave early on the travel-back day, and she has a possible callback on the travel-up day, so she wants to drive herself up and back. But....5 the car....alone. She hasn't driven more than a half hour since she got permission to drive again.

She is pretty sure it's not going to work out in the end, but all day yesterday she tried to think of possible scenarios that could get her to that job. She hates passing, but alas this time...


D said...

That's too bad you can't go. I went down to Lake Placid from Ottawa with the Scouts and we climbed one of the mountains there in the Adirondacks and I thought it was pretty spectacular. If you can't get there this time, I would still recommend making the trip when you get the chance. The place is a classic throw-back to alpine living. Very quaint, with little brand-new development going on.

LJ said...

Oh, I really hope you get to go! Those mountains sound beautiful and what a unique opportunity to get away for a break. I sure love reading about your exciting NYC adventures, Kage! Best of luck with everything!

Kristie said...

hmmm. little k is wondering when this is and if big K needs ride and a companion for the whole time. (will get own accommodations of course.) little k is a good driver and also great conversation during long drives. little k thinks this may work. little k need to talk to big k.

Chloe said...

I think that little K and big K should tag team this together. The mountains will be good for both of you. In the words of Tim Gunn, make it work!

kage said...

chloe, little k, it's been a long day....a lot of people want a piece of kage on tje 9th, but I think the Adirondacks might win out if lil K is serious....I will keep ya'll posted.

nowlze said...

coincidentally, her friend, the groomer, was contacted by RL just weeks ago. while they loved her friend's work, alas, her friend does not cut hair and therefore was given the old heave-ho (and, thusly, has lost potentially several grand from this client that ne'er will be).

wouldn't she and her very pregnant friend have had a time in the adirondacks? :)

ps kage, your anniversary sounded SPLENDID!!!! plus, i love your mom's blog. so cute. she and my momma are cut from the same cloth, i believe.

Kage said... actually the shoot WAS in Sept. last year....the same week as it is this year (frontal lobe).

And Big K (that's me) talked to lil K, and it's all worked out...we're goin!