Thursday, September 25, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She got herself all entangled in a PTA Fundraising Event. It's a Halloween Square Dance Party. She's never even attended a PTA meeting, and now, suddenly she is co-chairing the event. Whattup?

She's not in favor of the Square Dance portion because it feels like 2 separate parties to her, but the PTA Powers-That-Be make most of the decisions and veto a lot of her ideas. Blegh.

She has nothing against Square Dancing, in fact she has some fond memories of square dancing growing up, but she just feels there are some conflicting ideas with two different party spaces, two different music sources etc. She's finding a lot of her Latina Mom friends don't even know what Square Dancing she is sending some Square Dance Videos in the school emails so that she can get people excited about coming to a Square Dance Party....she wonders will these motivate families to come, or force them to stay home? It's a toss least the outfits are not required to enter.

Acey Deucy

Right and Left Through

Line Dancing

Square Dancing

Lively Australian Square Dancing

Barn Dance


Kristie said...

oh oh no... this is just not right. I couldn't even get through on minute on each of these. I'm pretty sure square dancing would keep me home. and why does the voiceover guy sound like sam eliot?

and you should tell them that if they are going to veto your ideas there is no reason you need to be on the committee. they obviously have this whole thing figured out. weird. but figured out.

HHRose said...

Now, see, this is very near and dear to my heart, what with all my Kodaly training. :o) Incidentally, the speakers blew out at my wedding reception for about 45 minutes, and the four music teachers in attendance organized everyone into squares (and later, lines). It's actually fun! (And yes, I'm aware that this comment elevates my nerd status. I can dig it.)

E-Dawg said...

Maybe you could get a guest appearance from the famed "Naper Squares"?

MKC said...

I totally feel for you. I signed up to chair two positions this year that sounded pretty easy. One of the positions is taking approximately 15-20 hours/week to do and the other has been totally frustrating because the "powers that be" will not go for any of my ideas that would probably bring in 10 times the amount of income because they want to keep things the way they have always been. It's really frustrating, but I just keep telling myself that it benefits my dd's school and it will be worth it. :-)

Chloe said...

I am NOT a fan of square dancing.