Friday, September 26, 2008

To you dear daughter

My love. I watched you at your dance class today with your black leotard and skirt, pink, sparkly leg warmers and jazz shoes, ponytail high on your head.

I watched your wide smile as you watched yourself move in the mirror. You found your hips, your ribs, almost forgot that your shoulders are not your elbows, but...your shoulders. You moved your body with the confidence of the lead dancer of the Ballet.

You led the small group of kids in across the floor exercises. You ran and leapt with joy and chassed with your arms extended out on either side of your narrow shoulders.

When you were done, you were cool with sweat and you exclaimed: "That was a really great dance class."

I replied: "Yeah, you looked so good in there, you looked like a girl with a lot of self confidence."

And you asked: "What's self confidence?"

I don't remember what I answered, I probably didn't answer, because Lil Sis needed help so that she didn't fall in the toilet. I got lost in thought....when will her self-confidence be threatened? How can I freeze this moment of sublime self esteem? Self Confidence. Love. Art. Life.


Lisa said...

I think I'm going to cry....

Linz said...

I was thinking about this last night when Baby D was squealing with delight looking at herself in the mirror.

Adam said...

I think about things like this all the time. The effects of the world on our little ones when they come into it so loved and sure. When does the world chip away at that? Nice post.

Beth said...

That was me!

Kage said...

beth, with your comment, at first I thought you meant, you were "that girl" that I described, but then I realized, you were signed in under adam. funny.

I was at my other daughter's dance class today and I asked the teacher: when do they become self-conscious, and she said: 8!'s fleeting....8 I have heard is also the age you tell your kids about birds and bees...and I am sure it is no coincidence that is the baptism age as well....I guess they really are ready to get these adult will be here in like a snap.

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nowlze said...

kage, i think it is a testament to you and the mr. that big sis is in 1st grade with self-esteem intact. good for you guys! and what a beautiful post!

also, i am free as a bird as far as work goes...i need these couple of weeks to nest! please email me if you want to grab lunch or some tea...i would love that!