Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tumultuous Times

Every time I pass by the Lehman Brothers building with it's brilliant moving lights and confident structure, I think back on that year when my DH and I were feeling amything but confident. I remember the day my DH interviewed at Lehman and how much I wanted him to get the job. Over the past month we have watched several banks fail, many of which he interviewed for over that year stretch of time that he was job searching.

Today on my way to help the economy (read, go shopping), I happened upon that symbol of a building. The lights stopped moving. It now has a static message: We are no longer Lehman. I snapped a photo and felt gratitude in my heart that none of those jobs that we so WANTED to work out at the time, didn't work out.

As of this particular moment, my DH is still employed. I however, am unemployed, which is pretty much the case most days of the year. I have not had a casting or an audition for over a week, and I am sure that has a great deal to do with the recent turn in the economy.

Speaking of the financial capitol of planet earth...

Big Sis is learning some language arts in school. Recently I did not help her through her homework, and as I was putting it away after I had tucked her in to bed, I noticed a big mistake:

The lowercase d shoud have been changed to a capital D, but that didn't make any bit of sense to her. NYC it is.


Rachel H said...

That homework stuff is funny funny!

And I'll tell ya what, my doomsday mom is ready to pull all her money out of everything and stuff it like in her mattress... that should really help things. not!

Kage said...

The Doomsdayers are rough to deal with...I am so glad I married a guy who is a MAJOR stickler for living below our means and reminds me of the "keeping up with the Jones'" factor....OFTEN...ok...every day.