Friday, October 24, 2008


I was doing a little browsing on the Oriental Trading Company Website, for the upcoming Halloween Party Square Dance I am helping to plan. And I found the perfect Halloween Candy for 2008.

Gummy Brains.

Stop It.

I am handing these out at our Halloween Party. No one else, just me. DH is handing out the superball, bubbles, pirate patch and gummy EYE BALLS.


Lisa said...

This is a must!

Chris said...

You may want to be careful with candy bought from Oriental Trading. My friend bought similar gummy candies from there, and they were all Made in China. This video is going around about candy made in China for Halloween this year that prompted her to just dump it and not take the chance. You may want to check it out:

Kage said...

chris, watched the video...seemed very focused on chocolate products....I have no ordered anything like that...but am going to go check the nutrition labels right now. I had been hearing about that China scare...

Chloe said...

Yup, that's pretty much perfect for you :)

Chris said...

The melamine can be found in other products, not just chocolate.

"While the FDA has not recalled any candy from an American maker, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled Sherwood Brands Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate Coins, which were made in China and sold at Costco stores in Canada, after they tested positive for melamine.

Sherwood, located in Rockville, Md., has numerous China-made candies on local store shelves, including Lolli Pups, bone-shaped lollipops, and Spooky Eyes Bubble Gum, the package of which states, "May contain milk." "

You can read the whole story here:

and lots of links found here: