Sunday, October 12, 2008

Condo Adventures: Artwork

I spent the afternoon organizing my Sisters Wall. I expected to have to spend hundreds of dollars to get each print custom-framed, but instead I found some options at Michaels, that added to my previous collection of a few selections from flea markets and ikea.

This square shadow box was 40% off, gotta love that:

The red in this frame matchest the heart on the bottom perfectly:

I purchased the 5 prints from etsy. If you have not spent time exploring that website yet, it's time.

I commissioned Big Sis to sketch herself and Lil Sis:

At the last minute I picked up a square 8 x 8 frame, and was SO pleased to find an enlarged photo of my girls holding hands and running through the forest, by photographer Michael Brian, hiding out in a photo bin full of random enlarged photos.

Here is the whole office, with the newly reorganized Sisters Wall. I tried to take some inspiration from the photo that Design Mom published recently.

Meanwhile, down the hall (seriously, can we even call it a hall?), the girls got a few new prints that DH and I picked up at the Renegade Storefront in Chicago during our trip:

This is not it's permanent home, but I got a sweet little something at Urban Outfitters, I wish I had made it myself, but come on who has time for that?


heather (fi) said...

i'm finally catching up on all the recent glass posse posts and can't deal with how awesome all the prints and photos are! the square pic of the sisters running....very touching. hey - is the visine ad a commercial or print? You look amazing!

Gedde Adventures said...

Kage, I love looking at pics that you post... you are so creative! How awesome!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Kage said...

thanks...means a lot coming from you miss stylish....I was SO happy when I came across that photo...didn't even remember I had it.

Visine is a commercial, but I just captured a few images. Thanks for the compliment, they did some wonders on the color of my eyes and teeth, but I feel my hair looks like it's from another decade! ha. and not in a cute way.

onehm said...

LOVE this wall!! I have been working on something similar in my powder room for some time...I'm excited to see that I'm so "in". :)
You always have the best ideas!!
And I LOVE that photo of your girls!

Evie Parks said...

Gotta love a photo collage! They always add so much to a room. I love the pic in the forest of the sisters- so sweet. And the sketch is great! Kids artwork is the best.

Lisa said...


Jen said...

I really love the pic of the sisters (the real sisters) and the etsy prints.

The find from Urban Outfitters is really fun and fits your style perfectly.

HHRose said...

Um, excuse me, but there is a Renegade STORE in Chicago? I LIVE did I not know this!?!? Munchkin and I will be adding this to our list of outings. Hey, maybe that's a listology idea: things to do with your newborn before the Arctic frost sets in.

MKC said...

Michael's offers 40% off coupons usually in every Sunday paper & they also accept competitor's coupons for any future frames you may need.

Heather said...

Love the new look Kage!!