Friday, October 10, 2008


I am pretty sure that when I die, my many, many, many, many computer files of photos, videos, journals, excel spreadsheets, email contacts, addresses will not rise with me, will not cross to the other side, will not become mini spirits and tag along with my computer-addicted soul.

I took old Bessie PC into the doctor (read Geek Squad) today, crossing my fingers that it's swift departure to a black screen met motherboard trouble. Alas, 10ish hours later, the Geeks called with the sad news. HARD DRIVE: Corrupt.


The last time I backed up was about January. I did however recently email myself some important files that mean a lot to me, but it's not everything.

My DH is mourning the loss of his flawlessly-coded excel spreadsheet of our checkbook, that he balances twice daily. I am lamenting the re-entry of all of the statistics of my jobs that I just recently updated. Maybe I need to get myself an intern.

DH is pretty upset, pretty vulnerable right now, and I am trying to take advantage of his softie emotions and sneak in a little 24" imac to comfort and heal his wounds. Unfortunately as the dow drops, my spending reflexes are a little on edge. If that If we are all anticipating happens, I will quickly HATE that 24" of white hotness when I can't pay other bills...again...


Really the WORST part of this situation, is that now I have to share my macbook. Seriously, that's what sucks the most. I have never been good at sharing.


(I made that word up).


Helen said...

The good news is that with all that is happening in the financial world today, maybe the price of a new computer will also be dropping. And don't forget that Abby Curran works at the Apple Store new DH's office. My last computer crash occurred at work, after I had just recently backup all all the hospital policies. Thank goodness for small favors. But I lost five years worth of work so I learned a valuable lesson - next time invest in a small back up unit and you won't be going Eekers anymore!

Helen said...

I meant to say "near" DH's office.

Helen said...

Okay, let's slow down. I meant to say ...after I had just recently backed up all of the hospital... I'm not going to make anymore public comments today. I'll send you an email.

wendysue said...

That is the worst, you feel like you've lost months of your LIFE!! I mostly missed my pictures (we recovered most of them), and my document stuff. After our hard drive crashed like 3times in a row, we bought a small back up system and backs up every night. It's totally worth it.

jeannie said...

in 7 years we are on our 5th computer...yes, we have really bad luck...We finally got smart and now use carbonite for our back up of everything. The best part about it is that any changes we make to documents or any photos added to the computer carbonite automatically bacs everything up for you. We think for $50 bucks a year and unlimited storage is worth the peice of mind. We now sleep better!

Kage said...

I have nothing against the extra buck, we just were so lazy when it came to backing up our hard drive....We so wish we had done it at LEAST yearly, because that would have meant we would have done it last month. The last time we did was 9/2007