Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gradually Going Green: GARBAGE

I found an old G3 from 8/15....whoops...

My friend passed along this article on a man collecting his garbage for a year.

It reminded me of the YERT folks, and this video:

If you watch it you can see the garbage they have collected in about 9 months time.

I wanted to include a few quotes from the article, in case you don't want to click on the link, or read the entire article:

"As the weeks passed, Chameides found ways to reduce his waste. He takes his own cutlery and plates to work. He considers packaging before buying a product and takes a glass container to the fish market to avoid the plastic wrapping. He paid a company to reduce his junk mail and managed to stop phone books from landing on his doorstep."

"At work, his crusade has inspired changes: Assignments are e-mailed instead of printed on paper, and they come with environmental tips. Writers for the television show no longer use plastic water bottles, and others have adopted composting or installed energy-efficient light bulbs."

His wife doesn't let him keep any garbage but his own. I wish there were a few more restrictions for him, because right now his "barber agreed to put his hair clippings in a bag, and doctors packed up materials they used to check Chameides' infected ear after a trip to the emergency room."


I am getting more and more aware of my waste. I have started to pay attention to packaging more, and occasionally I pass on buying something because of all the waste involved in the packaging. I did have some Capri Suns floating around at the beginning of the summer when we took our first camping trip, but in general, my kids are water in the water bottle girls. Those juiceboxes are waste with a capitol W!

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YERT Mark said...

Hi! This is Mark from YERT. One of these days I swear we'll post a photo of our entire year's worth of garbage. :-) During the last three months we didn't actually create that much garbage-- we pretty much got the hang of things and reduced our "accidental garbage accumulation." Might have even fit three months into a single shoebox. Thanks for sharing the video!

YERTfully Yours,