Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Green Surprise

I saw this bus the other day, an omen of things to come.

Surprise week has been legendary.

Tuesday I surprised the girls by taking them on a little adventure in the city, that ended with their first visit to Dylan's Candy Bar (which Big Sis kept calling Donald's).

The girls stocked up on some sweets at the bar and I picked up a malted milk chocolate dylan's bar. I have not sampled yet, but I am super excited to.

This morning, right after violin practice I told the girls to put on their swimsuits. I had been working on getting tickets to the Wicked matinee, but I had not gotten the confirmation, so I decided to just go to this spa place that my friend had recommended this past summer.

We jumped in the car, and when we got to the front desk to check in, I opened my wallet and realized I had left my credit cards and id in my new hipsack! Luckily they let me phone the number in via my DH, and we got into our new super spa sanctuary. It was seriously even more awesome then the website portrayed. We had such a great time. It was the first time I saw a glimpse of our future mother-daughter awesome times ahead.

At 11 I went to check my phone messages to double check that we did NOT get the Wicked tix, but surprise! we did! The ticket order went away we went so that we could make the 2 pm curtain. On the drive home, I called my mom to ask her if she had heard if so-and-so had received her surprise, but she said she hadn't heard.

Then she said: "but the UPS man just drove up and dropped off a package that I was not expecting."

Me: "Oh, see? Surprise week mom...a package you weren't expecting."

Mom: "Should I open it?"

Me: "Sure.....what is it?"

Mom: "Silly. It's a black helmet."

Me: "Oh, that's surprsing!"

Mom: "And a bike lock. And it's billed to Kristy Glass."

Me: "Shoot, those people are not good at surprises. Well, enjoy that helmet. I think you should wear it the rest of the day."

Mom: "Yeah, I'm going to wear it while I mow the lawn."

Me: "Good idea. bye."

And off we trotted to Wicked, with our Wickediest shoes we could find:

Big Sis was glued, loved it, of course. Lil Sis stared at the dragon above the proscenium for the first half of the first Act, waiting for it to fly on top of her. She was also extremely concerned about the Goat Professor: "Did Dillamon die?", and the scratch the tiger cub gave Fiyero when he was saving it. My little animal lover. She also wanted to participate in the dances a few times, which made for some difficult wrangling, (but hey, I'm a professional).

When Dad picked us up from the subway stop she said: "Dad, we saw River of Oz, and then we went to MCDONALDS!" I think the McDonalds was more of the highlight then even the show. It was her first time at a Broadway show, and I was really proud of how great she did. After the curtain call, we had to see the pit, and the conductor let Lil Sis try his baton. That was a great highlight to take a peek at the instrumentalists.

Ah, what a great surprise day! I had to start October off on a big high because of October's passed issues and all. Legendary, now go surprise someone already!


Linz said...

Surprises are the coolest because it's so win-win. It's awesome for the surpriser and the surprisee! And honey, when it comes to surprises, you are the QUEEN!

Evie Parks said...

what a fun mommy-daughter day! i'm jealous! may have to try this spa business with my girls...

Tandy said...

You have got to be one of the coolest moms ever. What a fun day!