Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Square Dance...check.

Last night I checked off a big October goal of mine, the Halloween Square Dance Party.

2 Sarah Palin's showed up for the party:

I made some cutie signs after I copied some silhouette ideas from an etsy item.

I convinced a friend of mine to add some ambience with her minor-key versions of children's beloved tunes played on her accordian. She totally made herself look all dead and creepy. It was such a nice detail to greet our guests.

I was exhausted and sweating because of my sickness and my costume (ooh, another clue!), but the square dancing went ok, the party was a success, and most importantly: It's OVER!

I got some awesome pix of my peops, but the surprise must wait one more week...

If you want to see some other friend's pix click:



Cutest Popeye

Kimono Clarks

Artist-friends jack o lanterns

Wigs and Construction Workers

My mom hasn't posted her costume yet, but just in case she does by the time you get to this, click on over here and look for Cruella DeVille.


Lisa said...

When I saw these pics on the snapfish you sent me, I said to myself how cute those ghost signs were! Little did I know that YOU had made them! I love that you friend added that ambience. That is fun. Looks like a great party!

Linz said...

I think I'm going to be SP. Those ladies inspired me.