Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Website: Step 1?

My goal for January 2009 is to launch a new website. I am currently in the process of collecting new photographs for this endeavor. My web designer and I have an idea to have some behind-the-scenes shots, especially in the BABY WRANGLER category.

I'll be honest, most of the images of me on set are of my backside. It's the photographer mis-firing while I am still in the shot. Lately the problem has been my attention-grabbing toy has been in the frame, because I misperceive where the camera is. That kept happening at a job I had a few weeks ago.

I came away with one image of me from that job, but I am not sure if it sells me as a good baby wrangler:

"If your baby model won't smile, she'll soak 'em in cold water":

When I showed up to set, the client described me as "dressed like a clown". I had furry boots on from several seasons ago, bloomers, a short skirt and a pink tee. I might have looked like a clown, but I was a comfortable clown. I think dressing as a clown is a positive for the baby-wrangler tab of my new website.


Catherine said...

a comfy and pretty clown Kristy!
good luck with the new website......you do look a tad bit scary in that, I would smile for you!
catherine in orlando

LMT said...

haha. I was just curious where you got such cute/pretty bloomers. I am excited for your upcoming website!

Kage said...

Hey LMT, Free People of course...