Friday, October 31, 2008

October Loves

Lil Sis:
The Saturday mornings when we all end up in our bed. Lil Sis proclaiming me her baby and then patting my bum....after a few pats, she sang a new song: "Your bum is squishy." Thanks a lot.
Sunday morning, I woke up disoriented to Lil Sis all tucked in next to me at 5:40 AM. I was confused. After about a half hour of her chattering, I finally staggered out of bed to sleep somewhere quieter. I was curled up on the couch and in she walks. She stopped, stared at me, and then found me a blanket and covered me up. Then she grabbed another blanket and curled up on the opposite couch.
Getting your feelings hurt when the cat scratched your arm.
Doing your pukes in the toilet. Way to go little one.

you: "Sometimes Coke hurts my tongue"
me: "then go throw it in the sink"


you: "I like it."

Trying pomegranates for the first time, saying you don't like it because there are beads in it.
On Monday morning I felt the little kiss on my cheek that you greet me with. You asked for more blanket on your shoulder and more pillow. I moved over so that you could have more pillow. A few minutes later you asked: Where's Daddy? And I then asked....why don' you use Daddy's pillow? but secretly, I liked sharing...

Coming out to the family room to see you with your footsie jammies unzipped a little, and Ellie tucked in to your belly: "My Ellie is having my milk in my tummy, like Linz's baby."

Big Sis:
Upon hearing the "your bum is squishy" song, changed the lyrics: "Your derriere is squishy." Mom, derriere is french for bum. My teacher told me.
Being excited about me coming to school dressed as a witch.
Making up songs again: "If you have a wart than you can make a fort" and "If you have a fart, then your name is Mark" randomness.
Trying and liking my butternut squash soup.
Telling me I was being mean to Lil Sis...defending the little bug who had just dumped half the shower gel in the tub.
Being so sad about not picking apples, even after we did tons of other cool, fun stuff.
Going with the flow when your Hannah Montana costume never came.
You were so brave during your first filling, and subsequent fat lip...
Improving your Scales SO MUCH in preparation for your scale test.
Liking Boston Market so much.
Giving me lots of great ideas for our upcoming Holiday Photoshoot.
Explaining about the election process and how only one kid in your class is voting for McCain. When asked by a less-familiar ind. who you would vote for, replying that it was your own business, and that's the cool thing about voting, you don't have to tell anyone.

Taking me to the burger bash and being excited for me to meet the peops, and especially Nate Berkus...asking me: "What were you talking about?"
Not being phased by riding the subway with a witch wife.
I felt the puke in my hand, then I screamed your name: "JASON!" I heard you startle and then some sounds that indicated pain. And after I thought enough time for pain had subsided, I called you again...and you emerged, cleaned up the chunks, changed her jammies, while I cleaned the sheets and ellie and the floor. And then you showed me your terrible battle-wound...a skinned back...skinned on what? we are still not sure? the bed, the bench? And you still did your Daddy-duties in the middle of the night, and in pain.
Learning Achy-Breaky Heart on the guitar.
Listening to me this year. Go Obama.

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Evie Parks said...

I love "your bum is squishy". So cute.