Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Since I started on my heaevy-duty vitamin regime, as a result of HB08, I have not really been sick.

Well sick in the head yes, but that's a given. I had one minor sinus infection in May (as is customary for spring), but nothing since then. The kids haven't been sick, the spouse...nobody.

Until yesterday I got that scratchy scratchy feeling in my throat. And I still have it today. And I know it is going to spread and become possibly something more, so after much coercion, I talked myself into resting.

Can you imagine that?

I rested. I just stayed in my pajamas until noon and I relaxed. And I ate some soup and drank some water, because isn't that what the doctor prescribes? fluids! fluids! fluids!

Does coke count?


Gedde Adventures said...

I seriously think after dealing with all the throw up from the weekend, that sick or not, you deserve to stay in your jammies all day scratchy throat or not. Love Coke too, it is my favorite.
Totally counts, I mean, it has water in it somewhere...
Hope you feel better!

Catherine said...

feel better, yes coke counts......but I prefer pepsi!

Heather said...

I've got my own scratch! I think it's the weather...I blame everything on the weather changes though.

Anonymous said...

i read somewhere that diet coke is 99% water. so there you go!