Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Story for Today

Today in church, the kids presented what they have been learning all year in songs and sentences.

The opening words came from one of the adult's who work with the kids. She told the story about the kids in nursery (18 months-3 years old). She said a little girl grabbed a snack out of her bag that was fruit snacks. She passed out one to each kid and realized as she got to the last kid that she was one short if SHE was going to have one too. The teacher watched her struggle with who to give the fruit snack to, the last child, or to keep it for herself. She got tears in her eyes as she said that the little girl said to the boy: "George, would you like this fruit snack?" And went without.

DH and I know that there are only a few girls in the nursery class, and probably only one who talks. That would be Lil Sis. We looked at each other after she told that story and said: "There is NO way that was Lil Sis." but still in the back of mind I sort of hoped it was her.

When the meeting was over, the adult leader approached me and said; "The little girl in that story, that was Big Sis."


I said: "Sadly, I knew it couldn't have been Lil Sis."

The adult leader: "Oh, well, after Big Sis gave away her last fruit snack, she asked Lil Sis if she would share with her, and Lil Sis screamed: NO and stuffed it in her mouth."

Now, THAT's more like it.


Tiffany said...

She does love her snacks! On the flip side, she is always my best helper when it comes to answering questions and listening to the lesson:) When the story was told I was thinking, hmmm was that in nursery? Where was I?

Tiffany said...

Lil Sis - that's what I was talking about.

onehm said...

LOL! I love the primary program!!!
And seriously, that story is THE BEST!

Catherine said...

that story made me my house "Mama Doesn't Share Food" is an understood thing! Lil Sis would fit it daughter would starve, but me and lil sis would be happy with full tummies!
catherine & paige in orlando

Ann said...

that's so cute!! lil sis is full of personality!!