Thursday, October 16, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She chose black. Black leggings, black dress, copper flats (ooh! Changing it up!). She wore a smoky eye and let her hair flip just so. She got her guru on.

Unfortunately, yesterday was the return of the bad medicine moments. She felt like in the night her blood had been replaced by liquid lead. She did manage to get to the gym, but soon after her shower and blow-dry, she had retreated to her bed. See, it works like this. She feels devastated, like she can't possibly face any aspect of her day, her roles, her responsibilities. She recognizes this is the medicine talking, so as she tries to suppress the devastation, her body then replies with achy bones, nausea in the stomach and all-encompassing exhaustion.

She went to bed on Tuesday, and she did it again on Wednesday. She slept deeply the entire time, dreamt even. Lil Sis enjoyed a good dose of Noggin.

She finally rallied. She put on her black, fitting for her mood. She and Lil Sis hopped on the V. A few minutes into their ride she smelled something, she touched her little one's backside and felt it was clenched rather tightly. She asked:

"Do you need to go big-giants?"

Lil Sis nodded. She gave her a pep talk about being a big girl and holding it.

By the time they got to the casting, the emergency seemed to have passed. They read a Dora Halloween Book together and after a few minutes, Lil Sis said:

"I'm just going to do a little toot."

She was one person away from getting her picture taken and hoped really hard that Lil Sis could keep holding it. Then just before she was on deck, Lil Sis got that panicky look, so they dashed out of there to find the bathroom.

While in the stall, LIl Sis hunkered down and she said:
"Ok. I need you to just push the big-giants out honey. Let's get them out fast because mommy has to go back to the audition."

"Ok. I'm pushing. Here it comes."


"Okay, let's wipe so that we can go."

", I'm not done.

"I'm done.

"No, I'm not.

"I'm done.

"Oh, NO...I'm NOT!"

"Alright, can we just wipe and then come back in a few minutes and finish?"

"Mom, just go to the audition. I will just stay here, just go."

"Okay" she said and then remembered visions of recent Oprah shows and that her toddler was sitting there half-naked in a dressing room in a studio where who knows what could happen to her and said: "NO! I can't leave you...just push."

"Ok. I'm done.

NO....not done"

And this went on and on and she finally just told herself to stop stressing them both out because it was all going to be ok.

And of course it was.


Kristie said...

well at least you can find the humor in it all. way to go mommy. sounds like a pretty tough week.

nowlze said...

that is HILARIOUS!! i heart lil sis.

are you w graco today? if you are, hope it's going well and please send my love! i practically have a baby between my knees. it's disgusting. he needs to make an appearance already!!

Kage said...

nowlze, yes, at's nuts here today. Apparently there have been some videos taken of me doing my thang, and I am fearful of what will youtube in the near future.

onehm said...

GOOD for you to be able to calm yourself down, I'm not very good at that, and of course you are always works out fine in the end!!

HILARIOUS kid story!!

D said...

"Big giants"

That cracks me up every time.