Thursday, October 23, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She had an audition on Tuesday. She had to bring the girls because it was after school. As they were leaving the studios, they paused on the street to try to figure out where to buy some skittles.

She saw someone in the Gold's Gym juice bar that looked familiar, and realized it was the actor who played Fiyero in Wicked, that they saw a few weeks earlier. She pointed him out to the girls and Big Sis seemed excited about the opportunity to meet him.

She approached and said: "Hi. We think we recognize you. We are pretty sure we saw you in the show Wicked a few weeks ago....are we right about that?"

He was so sweet to the girls and told Big Sis that she had nice Pumpkin earrings. Lil Sis of course didn't get it.

After a quick chat, we decided to get a Subway sandwich, and just as we were settling in she heard: "Kristy Glass."

What? Another someone?

This time, it was a colleague and composer, whose reading she is singing (reading?) next month. He had a bunch of groceries, she had sandwiches and kids, so again, a short chat.

Then yesterday, on the subway platform she heard her name again, and this time it was another colleague who is also a baby wrangler. She just loves the city. It's so huge, but ironically, so small town.


Catherine said...

"FIYYY-EEEERRR-OOOO"!!! how exciting! love wicked!
catherine in Orlando

Evie Parks said...

Yes! You said it perfectly...on average, I seem to run into more people in this city than I ever did in other towns I've lived in. Funny how that works, huh?!!