Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Adventure: Burger Bash

Some friends of ours gave us some tickets to the Burger Bash on Friday night. I found out at 3, got a sitter, and we were on our way by around 7.

We didn't know what to expect. It was exciting. We were in this open building called the Tobacco Warehouse under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Rachael Ray (yes, she was herself), was there, and gave a mini-speech. There were burger stations set up everywhere and so much red meat and potato sides. I only had a mini burger, a half burger and like 2 bites of another half burger and I was STUFFED. Ok, I had some Juniors Choclate Mousse Cheesecake and a mini brownie topped with a raspberry too.

Katie Lee Joel was there. I thought she was so cute on Oprah last year that I had to take a quick snap with her. All the "celebs" were totally open and cool about pix, I didn't have to be pushy or fan-ny or weird or anything. We discussed Oprah and then she encouraged me to meet Nate.

This was the highlight of the night. Seriously, my DH and I were like: Nate is HOT. And so nice. I told him that I was an XM radio fan and that I had missed out listening to him during my driving hiatus, and he was all: "Well, how are you doing?" So, super down-to-earth awesome guy.

As if that wasn't enough, Godiva was serving awesomeness, and Cat Cora was there. I told her my Mom and I loved watching her on Iron Chef, and she went out of her way to come out from behind the Godiva table to take a quick pic.

I loved the coke bottles.

I wanted straight coke with all those burgers, but I did not want the cals, so I went with Coke Zero. Deelicious.

See, there I am enjoying my coke.

Tom Collichio was another highlight of the night. He actually handed me my burger. And it was so good, the onion ring on the side....PERFECTION. I texted in my vote for him: craft. (the name of his restaurant line)

Al Roker's mini burger was delicious too. I did not taste his side potato salad. We brought the girls home a few sweets from the Whole Foods SWEET table. I am sure they will thank us for that later.

The best part of the night was overlooking the East River and checking out the waterfalls and enjoying the beautiful weather that is such a gift this time of year:

This was Surprise Week's adendum....a little surprise date! Thanks to our friends for giving us the tix!


Elizabeth S said...

So, I would totally be blowing up that picture of you and Nate and hanging it somewhere in your house!!! Love him! And Katie Lee Joel, too. What a fun night!

ReeSesPcS said...

How cool of an event to go to. Sounds like my kind of thing. I think if I ran into Nate I would be aww struck and not really sure what to say to him :) "Hey Nate, nice decorating!" Heh, did I just say that?

Ashley said...

That sounds really neat! I love Katie Lee Joel, too! :)

Evie Parks said...

how cool is that???!!! i am so jealous! sounds like a fun Friday night.

Rachel H said...

Aw, that looks way fun. I LOVE that kind of stuff. And the view is to die for! Lucky!(napoleon dynamite voice there =) )

Anonymous said...

Just wondering....was Rachael Ray with her hubby? Or are the rumors true??

Kage said...

anon, I didn't observe her that much, just a few brief moments, but she appeared to be solo. I am unaware of the rumors...I am assuming perhaps she is split with her husband? that's too bad.

kj said...

Spur of the minute....that's so fun. That's a lot of celebs that wanted a photo with you. You look so darling as usual. Nate would be a highlight.

Chloe said...

This is such a classic NYC adventure. What fun - love it :)