Sunday, November 09, 2008

Addicted to Etsy

Aside from my bad experience with the alchemy portion of their website, I have been so pleased with the service that the various shop-owners provide.

I have done a large amount of Christmas shopping over there already, and I would share it all here, but then, no surprise for the peops! A preview from our Christmas photoshoot today, gowns, courtesy of Melanie on Etsy:

Clearly, this is not a contender for the final picture, just a behind-the scenes peak at the chaos that occurs whilst getting 2 good frames out of 200 all in the name of a Christmas card. Which, will have far less circulation this year then last since all of my carefully collected addresses died with the computer last month.

I guess I could just have a stack waiting, and send them out as I receive them in the mail...that might be less pressure, just a few a day all season long, instead of all of them out the week after Thanksgiving...something to think about.

Anyway, digression....GO check out Etsy. I love to search by a person's interest: favorite color, animal, instrument, hobby, etc. I have found some AWESOME stuff!!!!


Lisa said...

Who is the girl on the right and what did you do with Lil Sis?

Kage said...

Seriously, she is so big....I had to measure them for their gowns and they are only inches apart, their shoe sizes are 1.5 apart...

Gedde Adventures said...

I thought that right off the bat when seeing this post too, where did Lil Sis go? they are both so adorable. Love Etsy too by the way.. thanks to yoU! I am waiting for my first necklace bought from Etsy... hopefully arriving today!
Have a great week!

Catherine said...

just like Gedde Adventures, I finally ordered the necklace off etsy that I have been staring at for months! I saw your post yesterday and said, Just ORDER it!!! Kristy Glass said so!
I agree with everyone else, lil sis is so grown up so fast!

catherine & paige in orlando

retrobec said...

Etsy rocks! I have had an Etsy shop for over a year now, and it's just as much fun selling there as it is shopping! I am often in the forums. So many people have had bad alchemy experiences. I wonder what is up with that? But I'm glad you have had positive experiences otherwise. Your girls are adorable!

I am still knitting the same scarf, BTW. It is taking forever! When do you need them by?

Kage said...

retrobec, try to ship it no later than Dec. 1st. Email me for the address...thanks for knitting!