Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am still recovering from Thursday's photoshoot. My ankles are still seriously wonky, and I have a pair of bruises on my inner-knees. Apparently there was some jostling there that I was unaware of.

Traveling up from the knees, my back is still significantly out of place, reminding me of the Baby Bjorn days of yore.

On top of that, I began therapy yesterday. My first time. After hearing myself lay out my entire (ENTIRE!) deck of cards to Counselor K, I was pretty surprised I went THIS LONG without it. Maybe all the physical illnesses I have encountered over the years were manifestations of pent-up emotional issues; Was the head bump trying to tell me something!?

The good news is: I'm not crazy.

The rest of the news: My presence is requested as soon as NEXT WEEK, and every week after that for a while. I have also been assigned some homework reading. And there are a lot of pages.

Right now I am finding it a bit difficult to breathe. I think that things must get worse before they get better. A gal in my lesson on Sunday used the analogy of cleaning out your closet...before it gets clean and organized you have to pull everything out making an even bigger mess than what you started with, only to have a positive end result.

In addition, I have yet to feel completely comfortable with the material I am presenting in the Alice reading on Thursday. I am trying to finish this book called Twilight, (ever heard of it?) in time for the movie premiere on Friday (doing it for my girls...halfway through I am finally engaged...who cares about the rain in Washington already!!!), and I have chosen this week to reinstate Mom Cooks!, which is a whole fridge full of ingredients and a pile of recipes and a schedule and a crockpot and yadda yadda yadda...leaving me with no energy to do what I really want to do: Make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, eat them all, and assemble my AWESOME Christmas Cards, which arrived today.

Thanks for stopping by.


jlk said...

Therapy is a wonderful thing, as are pumpkin cookies :)

McKay said...

first, as an aside, we must talk Twilight.

second, and more important, I love you! Yes, it will be hard work and it will be really gnarly at times, but I think you're doing the right thing, marching in and tackling life.

The Larsen's said...

i love that closet analogy. very true and yes, very mess. but it will be worth it. maybe mom cooks frozen dinners for awhile? Im glad im going to see you on friday, no need to finish the book though. there are three more just like it afterward and really, who has that much time?

Kage said...

mckay, yes we must...

k-lars, right, but the frozen dinners have been happening since HB08....I am trying an early new year's resolution to cook...and my first meal back I was like: yeah, I miss this home-cooked thing.....anyway, we'll see how long it lasts.

DTA said...

I love you, too!

D said...

So, the cards looked good? What a relief!