Monday, November 17, 2008

It's beginning look a lot like Christmas. My milk, apparently would have been good up until the big day, but it has already been enjoyed.

I am enjoying our new teeny tiny turquoise Christmas tree:

And in case you were wondering, YES, my Christmas CD is still for sale! Please visit my website to make your holiday purchase!

Praise for Picture a Christmas:

“It is exquisite.”
~Bonnie Klee Roberts

"[Your album] has made our sparse fractured holidays the most healing of celebrations."
~Louan Christenson

“Tears were streaming down my face! …[the album is] a great addition to the Christmas Season.”
~Sandy Clark

“Your selection of songs is wonderful. It is always
nice to come across one I have not heard before.”
~Edith Morrill

“You sound like an angel…[the] variety of styles with the various pieces expresses a wide range of emotions… the joy in your voice when you are singing with the children makes me feel like I can actually see you smiling while singing… you brought tears to my eyes with Mary Did You Know - your angelic voice with the words and music of that piece really touched my soul. Your voice range is incredible. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself.” ~Helen Knowles

"You sound pure and beautiful and I love how your voice takes on kind of a new mood with each song."
~Lindsay Kennedy

"The kid has a set of pipes. She has an angelic voice."
~Jean Keenan

"'s just amazing. Kristy Glass is the vocalist, and man, she is good! If this CD and her gorgeous voice don't put you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will"
~Staci Koudelka

"I wept with emotion at each track. Your voice is pure and clear, the notes are vibrant with purposeful love and devotion, your delivery is forceful in delivering the message of love at Christmas time. The music continues to resound in my heart and mind, long after the recording has ended. Your instrumentalist and other artists are superb. Congratulations on a masterful work!"
~Doug Anderson


Lisa said...

Dad and I listened to it on Saturday and bawled our faces off! Girl, you can sang!

DTA said...

Thanks for singing from the heart.

TftCarrie said...

It's the favorite Christmas CD in our house for both me and the kids!

Helen said...

I jumped the season a little bit and started listening to it in early October. That review from HK was right on! Now, everyone go out and order one - you want regret it.

melanie said...

I snuck it out a little early this year - it's funny how my son says "hey, I know this song" when Picture a Christmas comes on. It's a fun one. Thanks!!