Wednesday, November 19, 2008

List: Etsy

Apparently, I have been doing a lot of Christmas Shopping on Etsy:

Check out the shops I have frequented of late:

bayan Hippo




It's handmade by Melanie

Wendy Conrad Art

Button Boutique

Daynas Place

terris touch

dlk designs

qa creates

Jewels of Luxury

Boutique Pink

Marigold's Garden

Creations by Judy

This shop has some wacky stuff, in which I found this awesome business-card holder for Big Sis. Though I can't find it just now...need to go digging through my secret stash places.

A few I have not purchased from...YET:


Lux Deluxe

tadpole creations


E-Dawg said...

Ok, this is now worse than facebook. I love this site. I have been here before but didn't know where to begin - now, thanks to your links and some of my own inspired searching, I have some Christmas shopping done. This is def better for girls, couldn't find much for the boys.

Kage said...

E-Dawg. I know it's so great, and especially right now b/c I feel a lot of stores have extra merch. on their site because of the holidays. And it feels nice to support what are clearly many small businesses.

I struggled to find boy stuff too, but I did find one itemthat I liked for a nephew of mine, who I am hoping does not pour over my blog comments.

They have some potential baby boy stuff...and there are some dress-up items...superhero capes and such....