Monday, November 24, 2008

Love Scarf Knitters

I have some very supportive aunts who live west of the Mississippi and have drummed up some knitters for the Love Scarf Project.

Meet Peggy:

She is pictured here with her love scarf contribution, on my aunt's sofa. It's making my 2.5 yet to be completely finished orange scarves look pretty shabby. I have got to get my fingers moving....only a few weeks left!

Let me know if you plan on contributing by email or in the comments! Let's beat last year's accrual of 25 scarves.....will you join us?

Come back tomorrow to see another Love Scarf Knitter.


kj said...

You've already beat last year's total. I have 21 in my possession & 4-5 more promised. There may be others pop up plus whatever Kalita knits. :) :) It is just a nice feeling knowing the purpose of this service & brings joy to all. Dec. 7th I'll be taking a group pic of all who are involved. I personally think that the scarves are fun to see & seeing the women/men who knit them is an additional perk.

Gedde Adventures said...

Kage, I have one down... and trying to bust out one more quickly! But shootin' to get three done this year!

Lisa said...

I think Coco and I better get busy this week!