Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Loves

I am thankful for my loves.

Lil Sis:
You have started noticing homeless people. I am touched when you often ask: What's his name?
Your first time ice skating...the ice skating coach gave you a mini lesson, and you did so good, and then wanted to be her friend the rest of the time we were there.
Eating only the cream cheese part of your bagel
Your greetings: MOMMY! DADDY! As if Santa had just delivered you a truck-load of presents. Your teacher at school says you are the same way to her: Donna! And it makes her feel so good
Your reactions to Madagascar 2. I loved sitting next to you during it.
Wiping yourself after using the bathroom and sticking the toilet paper right in your nostrils and inhaling deeply. Thankfully, you were not going #2.
Watching White Christmas with you, and every time you passed gas, denying it...
While skating: I'm the ONLY one who can't do it.

Big Sis:
Your fascination by the Zamboni machine, wanting to skate on the new fresh ice.
Wiping off all the cream cheese on your bagel
Your new bee in your bonnet: American Girl...wasn't sure if it was going to happen to you...
Your little tears in your lesson, the first time you have broken down in a lesson. I cried too.
Being so stressed about your scales test, and being so happy when you passed.
Drafting the Thanksgiving Day schedule, which includes a feast. You are starting to remember holidays from last year, and my I set up a lot of expectations for you!
Overheard while she was in the tub: "Guess where I'm going for my mission? Massachoochetts"
Your on-going enthusiasm for all things holiday.
Rehearsing Christmas morning 4 times the day we put the tree up.

Approving the new budget (read: house-cleaning! budget and therapy budget)
Loving me even though I am certifiable
Supporting the Christmas Purchases
Your patience, listening ear, encouragement.
Participating in the pre-school interview. Good job.
Helping with the dishes even after returning from a long trip to LA and back.
Not complaining about your back pain.
Sticking to your diet and exercise.
Making Thanksgiving happen.


D said...

Regarding the bathroom-tissue incident: I believe it is called Big Giants.

Kage said...

oh yes, let me amend:

" Thankfully, you were not going BIG GIANTS."

DTA said...

Love you all!