Sunday, November 16, 2008

Singing Again...

November has been a nice change from the stressful and sick October. I have been rehearsing some new works for two readings that are happening this week.

Tonight I am singing a few pieces back at NYU, lyrics by an alum of their graduate musical theatre writing program. My favorite piece is sung by the character of Jan from The Office. I am a big Office fan, and having seen the episode that inspired the piece, makes it even more fun.

It's nice to be singing again. I miss it.

On Thursday I am performing a song cycle of pieces inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll. I am singing the part of Alice, and Matt Castle is singing the part of Lewis, and accompanying us on the piano. Matt came over this past week and was so sweet to Lil Sis. When he left, she exclaimed: "He's HANDSOME!" She crushed hard on him. The next day, as we were walking to the train she asked: "Where is Matt Castle?"

Douglas Ullman Jr., wrote the cycle, and you can hear Daisy Chains, which I will sing on Thursday, here. I happened upon the most perfect blue, ruffly skirt at Anthropologie a few weeks ago, for the best deal I have EVER gotten there: $9.95!

The week will end on Sunday (23) when I get to sing a special musical number at a special church meeting we are having, featuring one of the apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, L. Tom Perry will address us, and it is an honor to be able to have the opportunity to invite the Spirit through song. I am still undecided of yet as to which hymn I shall sing. I have an idea, but if you have a better one, let me know.

For All the Saints seems rousing just now. The lyrics are inspiring, and the tune is by Ralph Vaughn Williams, can't beat that. I feel an encouraging, hopeful message is in order, especially since our local Temple was protested just a few days ago.


DTA said...

I like your choice!

DTA said...

Singing for Elder Perry will be very nice! Good for you!



Lisa said...

Elder Perry? How cool! Coco will be so jealous- he is her favorite!
I suggest "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" or "This is the Christ".

LMT said...

That is so great you are singing so much. I really loved your Halloween debut at D's school.

What time and where are you singing this Sunday? We'd would love to come hear you.