Monday, November 10, 2008

Things are looking up...

I got put on hold for a job! I have only had 2 print jobs this year, but Marchon eyewear put me on hold for this week.

The casting took 1 hour, and I almost left because of the large amount of model-model-models that showed up, but maybe it will turn out....I have had the year for eyes (Visine), a welcome change going from the va-jay-jay to the eyes!

I have also been having a wonderful time rehearsing about 10 songs for 2 upcoming readings. It's nice to be singing again. One set is based on Alice and Wonderland, and I am playing Alice, which makes me feel so happy. I am a big fan of Disney's version of the film, and read a good portion of the novel outloud to the chillin's. It's a bit too wordy for them though, so we put it on hold for future finishing.

This week is busy in the evenings, doc appt. tonight, the final preschool interview situation, a probable rehearsal in the evening if my previously scheduled daytime rehearsal is cancelled do to the possible booking, and DH and I must carry on with the Lord of the Rings Triology which we started this weekend.

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The Larsen's said...

as always you sound busy. Congrats lady! And whaddup with the preschool interview? Is it the same school as pukey? And why oh why the Lord of the Rings Trilogy? That this is loooooong.