Thursday, November 20, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She has a zit in her ear. How lame is that.

Tonight she finally got to perform her Alice in Wonderland reading: Dream-child. After much fret and practice, she felt that it went pretty well. The music is tres maginfique, but oh-so-challenging. She fell in love with one particular song that spoke to some of what she is hashing out just now. It was the hardest song of the bunch, so it was difficult to act/emote/be the song because she had to count to 7 over and over and over and over again. OH yeah, he threw in one bar of 2/4 for her. Thanks.

She liked the outfit she put together. Different than what she had originally pictured, but this sweater dress went on a crazy sale, so she picked it up at her fave place of course. It came together well with the vintage underpinnings. She noticed in this photo her bed looks so nice, and that is because of the new member of Team Glass Posse: Maria!

Sing it with her everybody: Maria! Maria! Maria! (you are not supposed to recognize the song, it's just made up right here, right now, in our hearts.) Maria has done wonders for the Posse Pad. Everyone breathes in deeply on Thursday afternoons. Ah. Clean.

Tomorrow she will spend a fair amount of time trying to memorize 5 verses of For All the Saints, in preparation for Sunday's performance, and then she will look to the one Christmas gig she has in December. She and Big Sis need to get going on that. After practicing the hymn, she may ice skate in the afternoon with the Posse and then attend the all-important movie Premiere: Twilight. She waited until the LAST second, finishing the book yesterday. And she finally gets why the obsession and whatever...though she thinks she needs to keep reading in order to understand Edward vs. Jacob jargon that she has seen floating around various blogs. That is a relief too. Your welcome sistahs, mom, friends. She trusted ya'll, and read it.


DTA said...

Did it go well?

Kage said...

Yeah, it went pretty good....looking forward to singing more of it in the future, hopefully recording parts of it.

Lisa said...

I love knowing you are singing!

knittingirl said...

Love the outfit - very cute. How do you put cute stuff together like that? I suck in that dept!
And love the bedding - is that anthropologie as well?

Anonymous said...

very stylish and a little sassy! love it!