Thursday, November 13, 2008

Third Person Thursday: Wet Panties Girl II

It's been about 4 hours since she mounted the trampoline. Her ankles are already a 5 on the pain scale. She fears this number will climb through the night.

She wore Manolo Blahnik's for the first time today. Thankfully the 5-inchers she paraded for the client were voted out. She certainly would have broken her ankle if she had jumped in those puppies. The flat, patent-leather Blahnik's were much preferred.

It took her several jumps to get used to the trampoline photoshoot set-up. Feet in the one-size-too-small flats, pencil skirt just-so, large bag juxtaposed on the shoulder, 2 clinking bangles on wrist, blouse buttoned, hot wool jacket in place, glasses pushed high on the bridge of her nose, and now...she had to concentrate on not peeing her pants, oh...and, NOT falling off the trampoline because of her slight perception issues.

She did pretty good juggling all the elements, but when she got into her super-mom, jumpy, superhero, bag just-right, heels bleeding, freeze-frame the pose mid-air as LONG as she can zone, she then let her bladder go. It was just a little bit. Even though she had emptied her bladder a few times before the jumping began, she had to empty it midway through.

She ran down the hall and peed out the 1 teaspoon of pee she had hiding. She then returned to the set and tried to do the double with her 10-year-old "son." Well, they tried really hard, but trampolining in pairs for a photo, is a very difficult task. It turned back into singles.

After a short break, band-aids to the Blahnik wounds and a slight costume adjustment, she shot about 3 more glasses frames. She was ready to return to the bathroom to change into a fresh pair of panties, but thankfully she was wrapped. And, despite her best hopes and wishes, she was once again crowned Wet-Panties Girl.


HHRose said...

I'm sure this is a VERY stupid question, but why can't they just shoot your EYES--which is, after all, what's ultimately being photographed, no?

Kage said...

If you see their website you will see that most of their photos are full-body and the idea of this particular line of eyewear is the flexibility...thus the active shots.